2022 Mazda Cx-50

2022 Mazda CX-50 – An All-new Mazda Member

As a new addition to the Mazda line up Mazda CX-50 maintains key attributes expected of all Mazda vehicles including superior driving dynamics and beautiful design. In addition, Mazda has extended this vehicle’s capability to enable drivers to venture further into the outdoor and various terrains. For more, check out the video.

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The first ever CX-50 emphasizes Mazda’s trademark natural driving experience to help create greater confidence on and off road. Enhancing this experience, it will be equipped as standard with the latest high act of all-wheel drive technology and new Cx-50 intelligent drive select or “My Drive”. You can select “My Drive” modes with a drive switch. This will help the cross over SUV drive naturally in a wide range of conditions.  

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