an old and worn book lying open on its spine with piles and aisles of books beside it

Bookstores and Libraries in Scranton, PA

A good book is a wonderful thing to treasure at any time of the year. However, moving towards the end of the year as the weather gets colder and the skies get darker, nothing feels better than curling up with a fine read indoors. The question is, what do you want to read and where can you find a book to choose?

For topics, you have a wide variety. Explore fiction, self-help, history, biographies, comics, and far more! Wherever your interests lie, there are plenty of books that appeal to you! So, brainstorm and find a genre and type that seems interesting and entertaining.

As for locations, we wanted to help. Below, you’ll find some of the best bookstores and libraries in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding area. Browse their selections and start your adventure with a new book! You can learn additional information about each location by following the attached links, but make sure to visit one of the bookstores of libraries below to get the full experience!

Bookstores in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Libraries in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Biking and Hiking Trails in Scranton, PA

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