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The front and side view of a black 2020 Mazda BT-50 pickup truck/

Does Mazda Produce a Pickup Truck?

An Overview of the Newly Redesigned Mazda BT-50 Pickup Truck and Why it Won’t Hit US Markets

Up to six total brands in the American market offer pickup truck options. However, many other brands do produce them. At Kelly Mazda, we investigated the matter out of curiosity: does Mazda produce a pickup truck? We can tell you that there is – the Mazda BT-50, which was just redesigned for the model year! However, it won’t show up in American markets anytime soon. For a brief overview of the model and the reason why it won’t arrive in the US, continue reading:

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Mazda RT24-P Showroom Shot

Introducing the Upcoming 2018 Mazda RT24-P Race Car Prototype

Mazda Motorsports RT24-P Race Car Design and Engine Specs 

Are you planning on buying a race car? Statistically, probably not. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to learn about and explore. Mazda is primarily known for producing high quality and affordable commercial vehicles for consumers. However, this doesn’t mean that Mazda doesn’t like to stretch their chops on other pursuits. One way is with Mazda Motorsports. Mazda has brought their same standard of excellence to the field of sports racing with the Mazda RT24-P Race Car.

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