How to Stay Safe When Driving in the Dark and at Night

Staying Safe During Nighttime Driving 

What makes driving in the dark a miserable experience? A few reasons. The most obvious is the fact that you can’t see as well, but it’s more than that. That also means other drivers can’t see things well either, possibly including you! Not to mention that in the very early morning and at night is when drivers are at their most tired and exhausted. Without a clear mind, this in turn also makes it easy for drivers to make mistakes or lose focus, becoming greater dangers on the road.

Despite the fact that less than 25% of vehicles are driven during nighttime hours, this same period contains over 1/3 of all accidents! How can you make sure to stay safe when driving after hours? Here at Kelly Mazda, we’ve researched and compiled a great guide to help you be a better driver and stay safe when on the road in the dark. 

Lights On! 

A first and obvious step is to put your lights on. This improves how much you can see and makes you more visible to other drivers on the road. You should put your lights on whenever the sun isn’t out instead of just at nighttime. In the early morning or gloomy weather, visibility is still reduced. You’ll always want to make sure you’re visible to other vehicles to prevent accidents. When on the road without any other drivers, you should use your car’s high beams to see things better and at a greater distance. Make sure to turn high beams off when other drivers are facing your direction, as high beams can be blinding to other drivers on the road. 

A Car's Headlights in the Dark

Man sitting by Car Calling Phone after a Car Accident

Check Your Vision 

A very simple step to improve your driving is to get your eyes checked. Make sure your eyes are healthy and that your prescription is up to date if you wear glasses or contacts. In times of poor visibility, make sure your eyes are in their best condition. 

Keep Your Distance 

Gives drivers space. When it’s harder for drivers to see you, some car practices can become very dangerous. To ensure your safety, keep a safe distance and make sure you have a good amount of room before attempting any maneuvers when around other vehicles on the road. 

Foggy Highway Road with Cars with Headlights on

Modern Dashboard during Sunset

Bad Drivers and Traffic 

Always remember that every driver is different. Just because you’re being safe and attentive on the road doesn’t mean everyone else is! Pay attention to other drivers around you and don’t trust others to act how you would. 

Other Obstacles 

Aside from other drivers on the road, also take care to look out for other things around you. This includes parked cars, pedestrians, animals in the country, accidents, cars pulled off on the side of the highway, streetlights, and warning signs among other possible hazards. Stay alert and safe when driving!

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We Wish You Safe Travels from Here at Kelly Mazda 

If you ever feel in danger, too anxious, or uncomfortable on the road, then you can always slow down or pull over. It’s far better to lose some time on your trip than risk an accident. We hope all of our tips for safe nighttime driving have been a great help. If you’d like to learn more tips and tricks, check out our blog. Those looking to purchase an incredible new or pre-owned Mazda vehicle can also check out our inventory online or in person. We’re located in Scranton, Pennsylvania in Lackawanna County. Give us a call and our sales team will assist you however possible!