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Local Businesses to Shop for the Holidays near Scranton, PA

A List of Local Businesses that Can Help You Shop for the Holidays near Scranton, PA

The holidays are an absolutely wonderful time of year. While everyone’s 2020 has been eventful, that holiday cheer still makes for some fun times. If you’re looking for gift ideas at the last minute, Kelly Mazda has a handful of great local businesses that you could check out and shop at for inspiration.

The Curiosity Shop

Located on East Market Street, The Curiosity Shop is a great place to find boutique items and gifts for the holidays. Despite their small shop, they have a wide range of accessories, clothing and unique items that you can use for coworkers, friends, and family. They also currently sell masks and are abiding by social distancing measures.

Adventure Games

While many of us are already aware, Adventure Games in Dixon City is America’s oldest computer and tabletop gaming store, it’s the place to find the latest games. This includes board games for all ages that can help you get away from screens.  They offer classic board games to niche role-playing games. It’s the ideal place for both children and adults.

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

Everyone loves a sweet treat as a part of their holidays. Why not stop into Gertrude Hawk Chocolates to get some chocolates or homemade confections? With their friendly service and plenty of options to choose, it’s an ideal spot for someone with a sweet tooth. While they offer delivery, order early to prevent delays!

Olde Good Things

Though it may have a niche market, Olde Good Things on Remington Street is the spot to find a centerpiece gift for any home. Its expansive warehouse offers tons of unique architectural treasures to make a gift truly special. Find objects small or large to round out a home design or find antique items for loved ones.

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