A red 2019 Mazda CX-3 stopped at an intersection in the city.

Mazda to Honor Healthcare Workers with Essential Car Care Program

Healthcare Workers near Scranton, PA can Receive Free Servicing with the Essential Car Care Program

With the spread of COVID-19 continuing throughout our area, Mazda has announced a special plan to help honor healthcare workers that keep us healthy and strong. Those in the Scranton area will be happy to know that Kelly Mazda is bringing the Essential Car Care program to our area! The program will provide free vehicle oil changes and enhanced vehicle cleaning for almost all standard makes and models – not just Mazda models. For more information, check out the details below:

Who is Eligible for the Essential Car Care Program?

Those who qualify for the Essential Car Care Program include various departments and studies in the healthcare field. This includes those working at facilities such as:

  • Hospital workers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Mental health providers
  • Assisted Living Workers
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Medical Equipment, Laboratory, and Research Centers
  • and more, found here

Simply provide written or documented proof of your occupation and you can qualify for the free service during the offer period!

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A gray 2020 Mazda CX-9 parked in a wooded area.

Details of the Essential Car Care program

To give back to healthcare workers mentioned above, those working in the field are eligible for one free oil change and enhanced vehicle cleaning for their car, SUV, or crossover. The offer lasts from April 16th to May 4th, 2020 and includes other standard makes and models outside of the Mazda brand. However, there are exclusions to vehicles that:

  • Are considered an Exotic or Classic car
  • Are Off-Road Vehicles
  • Have an Engine Oil Capacity of Over 8 Quarts
  • Have Special Manufacturer Requirements

Kelly Mazda Wants to Help those in the Scranton Area

As healthcare professionals work day and night to keep us safe and healthy, we at Kelly Mazda wanted to help out by offering the Essential Car Care Program. Simply schedule a service for your Mazda or eligible model with us and we can make sure your vehicle is serviced and cleaned right at no cost to you!

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