Mazda Connected Services in Mazda vehicle

Watch the Tutorial on Mazda Connected Services with Remote Control Features

Remote Control Features of the Mazda Connected Services

Mazda’s latest vehicles provide next-level technologies and functionalities. One such impressive technology is Mazda Connected Services which offers various functions set up remotely through the MyMazda mobile app with a subscription. The Mazda Connected Services include the remote-control feature. It helps you improve your driving experience. Learn about these remote-control features for your internal combustion engine vehicles in this blog by Kelly Mazda in Scranton, PA. Watch the tutorial video to learn about the remote-control features of the Mazda Connected Services.

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Within your MyMazda App, you can discover options like remote engine start & stop, remote door lock & unlock, and vehicle status. It also includes the vehicle finder and the send-to-car option that sends directions to the in-car navigation system (when equipped). Take a look at this tutorial video below to understand how this app’s feature works.

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