2022 Mazda MX 30 EV

What Safety Features are Standard on the 2022 Mazda MX 30 EV?

Scheduled to be released in 2022, the hybrid EV by auto innovator Mazda is set to change the way people drive. With its initiative to move towards sustainable production, Mazda has come up with remarkable innovations in technology and design to make its models environment-friendly. The 2022 MX 30 EV will be a part of the plug-in hybrid series combining technology with style and performance. Adorning the famous Kodo design, the 2022 Mazda MX 30 EV offers exceptional safety features that make the deal sweeter.

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2022 Mazda MX 30 EV Safety Features

Not only is this model a move towards sustainability but also highly advanced when it comes to safety features. Mazda’s i-Activsense safety technology helps protect passengers and pedestrians by either avoiding a collision or protecting in case one happens, by sending out signals.

Driver Assist Features

The 2022 Mazda MX 30 comes with a range of safety features that ensures your drive is completely safe and peaceful. The Blindspot Monitor lets you know when there is a vehicle in your blind spot while driving, parking, or changing lanes.

Lane Departure will alert you if have changed lanes unknowingly or a vehicle near you has. Thus, it avoids all chances of collision. With Radar Cruise control, you can maintain a preset distance from the vehicle ahead of you by setting the speed.

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White Mazda MX 30
White Mazda MX 30

Smart Brake Support

Smart brake support reduces the severity of collision by automatically applying brakes. While backing up it works with Rear Cross Traffic alert and prevents any possible collision.

For additional safety, the battery level is displayed constantly on the gauge and charging port to avoid an unforeseen situation. Visit Kelly Mazda for the latest Mazda models in Scranton, PA. Know about your credit pre-approval here.