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Five Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Maintenance

How Do You Know if it’s Time to Service Your Vehicle?

It is essential to have regular maintenance for your vehicle so that it gives you less trouble and has an extended life. Regular vehicle maintenance ensures that your vehicle stays healthy and has better resale value. But do you understand the signs indicating that your companion needs a service? We’ll see. At Kelly Mazda in Scranton, PA, we come across five signs from vehicles indicating its time for maintenance repair. Read on to learn more.

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Indicators For Vehicle Maintenance

Let us learn in detail some of the easy-to-spot indicators that come from your vehicle, which indicate that it’s time for a maintenance checkup or service.

Power Loss and Frequent Stalling

The inability to start your car even after turning the key in the ignition several times suggests that there is something wrong with the engine power. It may be the spark plug that is causing the trouble or something in the fuel injection system, like a clogged catalytic converter. Whatever it is, it is advised to get it checked and fixed professionally. 

Smoke Emanating From Your Vehicle Exhaust or Bonnet

Smoke coming from your vehicle’s bonnet or exhaust suggests that you should turn off the engine as soon as possible. Your car may be overheating, or it might be because of any malfunctioning electrical wires, head gaskets, pistons, or fuel valves. Check for the color of the smoke. If the smoke is because of a fire, you should pull the bonnet release lever, evacuate yourself and others from the area quickly, and get help.

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Brake Not Functioning Properly

If you feel that your vehicle brakes are not functioning correctly, immediately get the vehicle to a service center. If the brake won’t work unless pressed hard, it indicates that there might be a problem with the brake fluid, or the brake pads might have worn out. 

Dashboard Warning Lights

Check for your Dashboard warning lights. In almost all modern vehicles, a small repair sign on the dashboard indicates that it’s time to take your vehicle for servicing. 

Noises from Your Vehicle

Sometimes, strange noises can come from your vehicle, like hisses, squeaks, clicks, ticks, etc.  If the sound is gaining intensity, it is better to pull over wherever you are and wait for a mechanic to take a look at your vehicle as soon as possible. Hissing might commonly be heard from your bonnet when the vehicle is overheated. 

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