A red 2020 Mazda6 parked on a cobblestone road with the driver getting out of the vehicle.

How to Extend Your Gas Mileage in a Mazda Model

Tips and Tricks to Extend Your Mazda Model’s Gas Mileage

With summer essentially here, you may be inclined to take more trips or spend more time on the road. But with more driving comes a higher price per month on gas for your budget. How can you get more out of your money, then? At Kelly Mazda, we wanted to look into some ways you can extend your gas mileage in your Mazda vehicle – or any vehicle in general.

Abide by Traffic and Speed Limits

The Mazda lineup offers numerous sporty engines to give you an excitable drive on the road – we simply love the response time and acceleration with the turbo engine especially. However, speed limits and driving restrictions are put in place to make sure vehicles are safe and efficient. Abiding by traffic signs on city streets and highways are a good way to get more out of your fuel economy.

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A red 2020 Mazda CX-3 parked at a city intersection.

Idle Time is Wasted Time

Modern technology allows us a ton of creature comforts – remote start is one of them. Starting your vehicle, however, does utilize fuel. Though it’s a little harder to do in the Scranton winters, minimizing any vehicle idling will keep fuel in your tank when you’re on the road.

Adjust Driving Habits

Making a few changes to your driving habits can also increase fuel economy in your Mazda. Accelerating quickly or making sudden stops can consume more gas than cruising to a stop sign or gently starting up on a green light. Plus, avoiding abrupt stops also saves you when it comes to your brake pads!

Find a Fuel-Efficient Mazda Vehicle at Kelly Mazda

If your current vehicle doesn’t receive good gas mileage, you can always trade it in for one with better ratings. Mazda models are known for their fuel efficiency (and excitable engines) – plus, you can find them right here at Kelly Mazda. Stop in today to check out our new inventory!

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