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What Song is Playing in the Mazda “Feel Alive” Commercial?

Mazda USA “Feel Alive” Commercial Music

Have you seen Mazda’s new commercial? Designed to launch a new Mazda advertising campaign, the initial commercial is titled “Feel Alive.” This beautiful commercial of people trying new things and rising up to the challenge is scored by a beautiful song to raise your spirits. Luckily, for those interested, we’ve found the exact track for the music that accompanies Mazda’s “Feel Alive” commercial.

The song is simply called “Outro“. It is from the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming by the French electronic band M83. It’s actually the very last song on their album. You can find the song “Outro,” along with the rest of M83’s discography on music streaming sites such as Spotify. However, you can also take a quick listen below. We’ve included both the Mazda “Feel Alive” commercial along with a separate video containing just the music of “Outro” by M83. Take a watch and listen below and enjoy!

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